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Our Doctor of Acupuncture Stacey has 26 years of experience in treating patients. At the initial appointment, she will identify areas of concern and treat them according to the patient’s goals.

Initial appointment is 60 minutes

It will be determined how many appointments are necessary, depending on the acute or chronic nature of the symptoms.


We currently accept the following health insurances:

VA Community Care Network

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of RI


Neighborhood Health Plan

We are currently in the process of getting credentialed with other health insurance companies.

Please call the office for insurance verification at 1-833-739-0607

The Treatment

The first Acupuncture treatment consists of an extensive interview in which the practitioner asks many questions regarding health history, diet, lifestyle, symptoms and complaints. In addition, the pulses are examined (there are 12 in Chinese medicine), and various points are palpated. All of the information gathered is used to diagnose any imbalance in the patient’s body-mind. The treatment begins with the insertion of small, single-use, sterile Acupuncture needles. The patient generally feels little or no pain and can actually expect to feel quite relaxed. Follow-up visits, if necessary, are suggested depending on the extent of the imbalance and on the acute or chronic nature of the patient’s symptoms.